Born in the 20th Century in the suburbs of Brussels.
Bathed in images and sound ever since. Cultural animator. I did a lot of promotion for the film industry, from Warner, Disney to Columbia and Belgian cinema. I almost never left my cameras too far and experienced painting and collages.
Urban assumed. Creativity and education are involved in my work, whatever the medium.

After a light photography course at Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels , I first progressed with a lot of practice and with the classes of artists such as Clement Huylenbroeck , Marin Hock and Véronique Vercheval.
I like to share my vision on a city, an artistic movement,  people and their world, to document, with respect and affection, my point of view upon my environment.



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"Sylvia ?
Her philosophy ? Eclecticism.
Her nationality ? Here and there, most of all, else where.
Her heart? Tellement anglais.
Her home? The city.
Her roots ? Freedom.
Her commitment? Her life and convictions.
Her language? Wallish..."Son langage ? Le Wallish."

Patrice Niset - Photographer - Les Miroirs de l'Ombre